Disappointed with a Dyer

Theres a Dyer that I follow. A very talented lady, and I watch her podcast regularly…she has spoken up during the time of conversation and has several times verbally supported the idea that this conversation is important, and that we need to be more inclusive…

But, at the end of the year, when she highlighted the best designers of december, there were 26 white designers, and 4 mixed race designers who all would pass for white if you didn’t know their background. Not a SINGLE black designer was highlighted.

Not One. Really? She couldn’t find a single black face worthy of highlighting? Bitch has more work to do. Unfollowing. I can’t even.


Angry because you’re wrong.

Recently, a person who I consider a friend, made a post saying something along the lines of “I only drink bottled water, I just can’t help it.”

A couple other people had chimed in, reminding him that plastic wasn’t ok, and the amount of waste that is produced with single use plastic is not acceptable. I agreed, and chimed in with…”People who use only plastic single use water bottles, just don’t give a shit.”

And, I meant it. And, he took offense. He said, thanks alot for saying I don’t give a shit. I do. And I said, (along with an accompanying picture of the island sized floating plastic monstrosity in our ocean) If you refuse to go re-useable, or buy a filter for your tap, or at least go to a glass option, then no, you do not care.

And I meant it. And it may be the end of the friendship. And that’s ok. And yes, I judge. At this point, we all know that plastic is wrecking our Mother Earth, and if we put blinders on, and continue to abuse her, she will die.

If I call you out on your plastic consumption instead of taking offense, make a change. Do the right thing. Be better than that.

Do I think I’m better than you, for choosing to not use plastic? Well I certainly think I’m making better choices, and this is based in FACT, not in opinion.

Plastic should be reserved for medical devices, when no other option exists. If it is to be used, it should be designed specifically to last, and be passed down through generations.

STOP the single use plastic bullshit.

Tea Advent Swap

Over on the Ninja Chickens group on Ravelry, Maria had organized a Tea Swap, where we are paired up with 5 other people, and we each sent 5 special teas or herbs to each other person on the list. So, we each end up with 25 teas/herbs. It was such a fun swap, and today is the first day to open a tea bag!

I opened Karens package first, and the first bag I pulled out was a lovely Pumpkin Chai from Davids Teas. This is my first ever experience with Davids Tea, but I can see me sneeking into their website in the middle of the night to make a large purchase. It is SOOOOOO yummy.

I can hardly wait for tomorrows package!

That bitch needs a blotting paper.

For crying out loud, bitch. Do you really think that folks calling out racism is bullying? Seriously? Can you even stand yourself right now? Jesus Fucking Christ, woman, you’ve got some nerve. To sit there with your smug attitude, and your greasy ass face, and say that the issues that the BIPOC community has had to deal with for EVER, are “one sided beliefs”…WHOOOOO girl that took some balls. Some big fat greasy ass racist balls. Listen up, buttercup. A “belief” and a “fact” are 2 different things. Perhaps a dictionary is in order. No one can prove a belief, but we can prove facts. It is a FACT, that POC’s have been shit on a whole awful lot for nearly freaking ever, and not just in the knitting community. You can hang out under your oily little knitting rock all you like, but it doesn’t make the facts go away, and the fact is, YOU are a racist twat. I just saw that PomPom has disassociated with you, and spoken out against your shit. Yay! I have a feeling others little by little will take that hint and do the same. Referring to this conversation that is happening as “a certain social justice issue that has infiltrated Instagram” makes you sound like a real piece of work. And then..and THEN, you referred to BIPOCs who are speaking out against racism as “preaching”. Yeap You nailed it. Them colored folks just getting all uppity and preachy, onnacounnta they want them there some basic civil fukin rights. You Dumb bitch. And, those few folks who are standing up for you…all white. All white all the time. Not a shade under blanched almond. Aside from, of course, the POC Neo Nazi sympathizer that you’re friends with. Su.Krita said it right when she brought up that we had POC Nazi sympathizers in the 30s and we still have them now. It’s really beyond unacceptable. As a fellow white girl, I can assure you that you do NOT speak for all of us. You don’t even speak for most of us. You speak for your tiny, sequestered little greased up alt right corner of the interwebs. Which just happens to overlap with the crafting community. You’re not welcome here. Go back to your rock. And for fucks sake, invest in a blotting paper.

I know Kung Fu

Alright, my personal Kung Fu knowledge is fairly limited. But I just had that same feeling that Neo from the Matrix had when he realized he had just downloaded, and fully understood Kung Fu, even though he had never even done it.

I’m sitting here, knitting on the Nutbrown Hare hat, when I realize that I miss crossed a 6 stitch cable, 9 rounds back. This is a fully cabled hat, and I didn’t want to rip out 9 rounds of all over cables. So, I told myself that if I couldn’t figure out how to ladder down and fix it, I was gonna just start over. I didn’t want to do that. So…I saw that the cable in question was completely isolated in my mistake. I didn’t have to worry about any of the stitches on either side. Ok, so I take those 6 stitches off the needles, and I start to gradually ladder down. One string of unknitted yarn at a time…when it fully dawns on me. I have suddenly, and without any kind of previous training, become aware of the fact that I completely understand cable and lace knitting surgery. Seeing the way the yarn behaves when you take a chunk of it and ladder down several rows, I just “knew” what was supposed to happen. It clicked. So, I did what I thought would work, and of course it did. I knew it would. I just don’t know how I knew. I think the Universe just gave me something precious. I am grateful, and so excited to knit up some swatches to play on.

Are you always connected?

I can’t help but sink into the overwhelming feeling that I don’t fit in anywhere, anymore. Everyone I know, outside of my life partner, is constantly connected to the digital universe. I’ve tried it, I really have, but it isn’t healthy for me. I don’t think it’s healthy for most of us. Anyway, I’ve been feeling really lonely lately, and I keep coming back to this thought. No one spends time with each other anymore, everyone seems to be so focused on what’s happening on their phone, that they miss out on the person sitting right next to them. I see people using the digital universe to connect to others who share interests…I’m even trying that, but does it really work? Does making these videos, and sharing them matter at all? I mean, I watch videos. I watch crafty, beautiful blogs…I love them. But, I wish I knew these people in real life. I wish I had a real community, a community of local people who hung out and made things together. We have a small, local group of knitters, but aside from Helen, whom I’ve known since Stitch & Bitch Days, they aren’t really super welcoming or engaging. I feel like an outsider. I’ve felt this way for about 10 years.

Do real friends exist anymore?

Ugh. I have a thousand and one acquaintances, I just wish I had a couple good friends.

Mental Health Issues. You too, huh?

Seems like everyone and their dog, talk about mental health issues these days. Maybe we all have them…

I never even heard about panic attacks and anxiety attacks until I had my first…and then everyone had them. I don’t get it. Maybe everyone has always had them, but we called them by other names?

I don’t know. My whole point was to share that I’ve been dealing with anxiety attacks and apathy something fierce. It makes it really hard to get excited about things, and it saps my creativity.

I’m hoping to come around again soon…it’s just been awfully blah in my head lately.