Instagram follows…

I’ve recently unfollowed a bunch of IG accounts, even though they are knitting or craft related. I had noticed that some accounts are just images of knitted items, and not people who are actually creating garments, or patterns, or yarn…

I’m not into following those kinds of accounts, they just don’t feel real to me. I don’t have room in my day, to occupy myself with regram’d content, and especially when the poster doesn’t even bother to offer where the original content came from.

Unless it’s for a contest, my content is not regram’d from other sources. For me, IG is a place to be real and post original makes. It’s not an image board it’s not pinterest or tumblr. It’s supposed to be for real makers, and so if you have an account for regraming, or showing off other peoples things without even bothering to tell us who they are…I just won’t be following you.

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