Are you always connected?

I can’t help but sink into the overwhelming feeling that I don’t fit in anywhere, anymore. Everyone I know, outside of my life partner, is constantly connected to the digital universe. I’ve tried it, I really have, but it isn’t healthy for me. I don’t think it’s healthy for most of us. Anyway, I’ve been feeling really lonely lately, and I keep coming back to this thought. No one spends time with each other anymore, everyone seems to be so focused on what’s happening on their phone, that they miss out on the person sitting right next to them. I see people using the digital universe to connect to others who share interests…I’m even trying that, but does it really work? Does making these videos, and sharing them matter at all? I mean, I watch videos. I watch crafty, beautiful blogs…I love them. But, I wish I knew these people in real life. I wish I had a real community, a community of local people who hung out and made things together. We have a small, local group of knitters, but aside from Helen, whom I’ve known since Stitch & Bitch Days, they aren’t really super welcoming or engaging. I feel like an outsider. I’ve felt this way for about 10 years.

Do real friends exist anymore?

Ugh. I have a thousand and one acquaintances, I just wish I had a couple good friends.

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