I know Kung Fu

Alright, my personal Kung Fu knowledge is fairly limited. But I just had that same feeling that Neo from the Matrix had when he realized he had just downloaded, and fully understood Kung Fu, even though he had never even done it.

I’m sitting here, knitting on the Nutbrown Hare hat, when I realize that I miss crossed a 6 stitch cable, 9 rounds back. This is a fully cabled hat, and I didn’t want to rip out 9 rounds of all over cables. So, I told myself that if I couldn’t figure out how to ladder down and fix it, I was gonna just start over. I didn’t want to do that. So…I saw that the cable in question was completely isolated in my mistake. I didn’t have to worry about any of the stitches on either side. Ok, so I take those 6 stitches off the needles, and I start to gradually ladder down. One string of unknitted yarn at a time…when it fully dawns on me. I have suddenly, and without any kind of previous training, become aware of the fact that I completely understand cable and lace knitting surgery. Seeing the way the yarn behaves when you take a chunk of it and ladder down several rows, I just “knew” what was supposed to happen. It clicked. So, I did what I thought would work, and of course it did. I knew it would. I just don’t know how I knew. I think the Universe just gave me something precious. I am grateful, and so excited to knit up some swatches to play on.

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