That bitch needs a blotting paper.

For crying out loud, bitch. Do you really think that folks calling out racism is bullying? Seriously? Can you even stand yourself right now? Jesus Fucking Christ, woman, you’ve got some nerve. To sit there with your smug attitude, and your greasy ass face, and say that the issues that the BIPOC community has had to deal with for EVER, are “one sided beliefs”…WHOOOOO girl that took some balls. Some big fat greasy ass racist balls. Listen up, buttercup. A “belief” and a “fact” are 2 different things. Perhaps a dictionary is in order. No one can prove a belief, but we can prove facts. It is a FACT, that POC’s have been shit on a whole awful lot for nearly freaking ever, and not just in the knitting community. You can hang out under your oily little knitting rock all you like, but it doesn’t make the facts go away, and the fact is, YOU are a racist twat. I just saw that PomPom has disassociated with you, and spoken out against your shit. Yay! I have a feeling others little by little will take that hint and do the same. Referring to this conversation that is happening as “a certain social justice issue that has infiltrated Instagram” makes you sound like a real piece of work. And then..and THEN, you referred to BIPOCs who are speaking out against racism as “preaching”. Yeap You nailed it. Them colored folks just getting all uppity and preachy, onnacounnta they want them there some basic civil fukin rights. You Dumb bitch. And, those few folks who are standing up for you…all white. All white all the time. Not a shade under blanched almond. Aside from, of course, the POC Neo Nazi sympathizer that you’re friends with. Su.Krita said it right when she brought up that we had POC Nazi sympathizers in the 30s and we still have them now. It’s really beyond unacceptable. As a fellow white girl, I can assure you that you do NOT speak for all of us. You don’t even speak for most of us. You speak for your tiny, sequestered little greased up alt right corner of the interwebs. Which just happens to overlap with the crafting community. You’re not welcome here. Go back to your rock. And for fucks sake, invest in a blotting paper.

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